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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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his application before we brought this item to you. in doing so endorsed the application of mr. garcia as well. so with that we are bringing mr. garcia's application to you with recommendation to appoint him to the environmental seat. if i can answer additional questions you may have. >> thank you, bob. i think being that the applicant is here maybe he can say a few words. i want to appreciate the additional outreach for the seat. i know we had expressed, you know, we wanted to see someone with a deeper set of work experience in environmentalism, so we really appreciate the additional outreach. i want to invite mr. garcia to say a few words to the board of directors. >> good morning. my name is mark garcia f
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i'm here from the greenlining institute in berkeley. * i want to take the time to appreciate you for inviting me in today. i have worked in los angeles and las vegas on environmental outreaches, saving the canyons in red rock to heal the bay in santa monica and areas like that. i saw this an opportunity to be part of my new place. i moved to the bay area in december so i have just started becoming acclimated but wanted to start giving back because it is a fantastic place. i saw this an opportunity to be part of the board and use the expertise and give that back to the project and be part of the action committee. i wanted to thank you. appreciate all you have given me. hopefully within the next few yearsly be able to give back and do everything i can to make the board have that extra facet of environment allism. >> thank you.
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>> motion. >> thank you for your willingness. we depend on our citizen's advisory committee and input. >> a member of the public wants to address you on that. director lloyd? >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> ortiz? >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four ayes. item nine is approved. * >> can we please move to ten. >> approving changes to the small business enterprise program and disadvantaged business enterprise program, including anticipated db pa tis page level for reminder of the period of federal fiscal years * 2011-2013 and revising the draft adpl for public review, 45-day public comment process. >> the director sarah jalati will report on this item as well. >> good morning again,
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directors. * >> this item, there are three main components to this item. changes to the small business program, changes to the disadvantaged business enterprise program and proposed change to our dbe goal for fta funded contracts for reminder of the tri annual period. the fta office of several rights conducted a review of the program in the spring of this year, so this item is the result of the report coming out of that review. the changes to the small and disadvantaged business enterprise programs are really not -- they are just putting i want -- documenting practices we were already following. we had a dbe policy you have approved several times since it's been established in 2006. office of civil rights is really looking for agencies to have more of a dbe procedures manual, so the
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changes to the dbe and sbe plans are really just documenting. this is who we are going to advertise with, this is who we are going to outreach to, this is how we are going to conduct a shortfall and et cetera, et cetera. the two major changes are really that they directed that they not use the availability advisory percentage anymore for the dbe program. they believe that that gives the contracting community the impression that there's an enforceable dbe goal on contracts, so we have honored that directive and taken that out of the dbe plan, but we did note for fta we will still have enforceable goals on the small business side and we would be requiring contractors to meet those goals, or demonstrate good faith efforts to meet those goals. the second change the that since we have established our dbe program we have
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always reported our dbe participation based on all of our contracts. that is how we have calculated our goal for every period. that is how we have always submitted our goal. our goal has always been approved. following the review they stated they want to see the goal based just on fta funded contracts. that's really because they've got two different systems. they have a federal draw-down system and they have a reporting system. they want to be able to look and see how much money you are drawing down and match that to what is in your participation report. very understandable from their point of view. we want to continue to have participation regardless of the funding source so we can continue to track against our original 18.5% goal across all of our contracts, but we have recalculated the goal based just on what is funded in whole or in part by fta.
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that results in a revised goal of 8.3% for the remainder through september 30th, 2013. under dbe regulation we have to put the goal out for a 45-day public comment period. we will be circulating it in all the papers listed in the dbe plan. we will be sending it out to -- we have a list of over 100 bay area chambers of commerce, minority chambers, small business chambers, et cetera, circulating it to all of your agencies, as well as our other stake holders and partners for comment. and bring it back to you in november for final approval, incorporating any comments we may receive. i'm happy to answer any questions you have on the item. >> we do have a question from -- >> so in looking at your
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names of the publications, i'm not familiar. are there any african-american publications? >> yes. the san francisco bay view is an african-american. >> you mentioned the claim befores of commerce are included in this. >> yes. >> now is this section regarding financial institutions, is that new or have they always been there? >> it's always been there. this is where they wanted more detail. the dbe regulation says guarantees shall encourage use of minority owned institutions. the federal reserve publishes a list of minority owned financial institutions in every area. whenever we have needed banking services we have looked at that list and solicited from that list. in san francisco i believe it is bank of guam, metro bank. there are a couple of others. this year in response to
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their comments we have just inserted into the plan that this is where the list is. we will look at it and encourage our contractors to seek proposals from those banks as well. >> so is the fta expecting tgpa to report which minority institutions of use or -- >> no, they wanted to see how are we following the regulation which says you shall encourage the use of minority institutions. they just wanted that detail. okay. how are you encouraging the use of minority institutions. now we have just added two to three sentences to explain how we are doing that. >> director ruskin. >> thank you. a well-written report. it surprised me they are
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discouraging things. seems like the opposite direction. if that is the requirement, so be it. my question was -- also surprising that they want the goal calculation to be on the federal contracts. * the question is in the big picture how much of the work roughly on a percentage basis is projected to be fta funded and -- i was also surprising percentage based on the calculation of the ft funded work would be less than half of the overall. do we know what's underlying that? >> yes. it is a reflection of what we use our fta grants for. we use those very much and largely for administrative and professional service type opportunities. we don't use fta funds on any construction. they are actually not eligible. fta grants are not to be
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used for construction. so it is public relations, legal work. there's not a lot of participation on the contacts. >> all right. thank you. >> just a quick question just in terms of process moving forward. what is the schedule now for the 30-day pub look review and 45-day public comment period sm >> assuming your approval, the 30 days would start today or tomorrow. so that would go through october. it is interesting. a 30 day review period but 45 for comment. both would start today, the 45 days would be through october 29th. that is why we would bring it to the november board meeting rather than the october board meeting. >> also i'm not family with china press. is that a trade publication?
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>> i believe so. there's a media -- i want to say conglomerate. that is not really the right word when we are talking about such small papers, but it covers the philippine news, china press and a few others. advertising with one covers all of them. we are actually -- it was a very small additional amount to have the ad translated to all the different languages so we are doing that. >> i would just encourage you to do sing tao and world journal. their penetration in the chinese community is much larger. that is just one. >> okay. >> i wasn't sure if china press was included because it was a trade publication. >> are there any other questions or comments? >> thank you.
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>> no members of the public indicated they want to address you on the item. roll call. >> motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> we have a motion and second. >> director lloyd. >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> chair ortiz. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four ayes, item ten is approved. * >> item 11. approving the operating budget amendments for fiscal year 2012 in 739,134 and fiscal year 2013 in amount of 800,000 to update ac expenditures and operating revenues. >> there is a report on this item. >> directors, we fund the operations budget with a regional measure 2 operating grant so the budget amendments are fully funded by the operations grant. we do not keep any excess from the grant so it is not
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as if we weren't -- if we didn't spend it on operations it would not be available to us to spend on other aspects of the project. the additional budget for the ac transit support was developed when we were negotiating the use and lease agreement and before the full impacts of the official needs were known. once we received the invoice for the final year we were able to amend the budget for the last fiscal year, then use that to see what we were going to need to do to the operations budget for this coming fiscal year. ac transit is also, because we can't use any access of the operations grant for funding that operating reserve, which we agreed we would build up in the lease
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and use agreement, because we can't use any of the operations to fund that, ac transit is making an annual contribution to the reserve. that is incorporated into the operating budget amendments. >> are there any questions on this item? >> motion to approve. >> motion and second. members of the public? lloyd? >> aye. >> ruskin aye. ortiz aye. chair kim, aye. that's four ayes. item 11 is approved. >> can we call 12? >> a presentation on oscar park, proposed open space under the transbay bus ramps and caltrans freeway ramps but the successor agency to san francisco redevelopment agency. >> director mike russo with the successor agency is here to report on this item.
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>> thank you, director. my name is mike russo, with the successor redevelopment agency. i'm here to talk about the concept plans we have worked on for oscar park. what you see in front of you is a map of the project area, of course. one of the challenges we have had since the formation of this project area has been how to deal with the many freeway and bus ramps that crisscross the project area. as you probably know, these are not things conducive to creating a good pedestrian urban environment. they also can be magnets for crime and litter. now fortunately we have a plan to address these. the first part, you are obviously family with is the tgpa has eliminated a lot of the ramps that previously existed, specifically the east loop to the old transbay terminal that, is gone permanently. that frees a lot of land for development, including open space. there are other ramps not
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going anywhere, they will be with us forever. specifically, the west ramp to the new transbay transit center and the fremont full son street from interstate 80. * >> what we have been working on since 2003 is a way to turn that negative of these ramps into a positive to, create an active, vibrant set of open space improvements underneath those that will be an amenity for the neighborhood. not a place that attracts negative uses. this is a map just showing the -- >> sorry, mike. could you tell us who cmga is, the boundary line. >> cmg is the design firm we have hired to work on the plan. we hired a team to develop this. i should mention our principle designer, scott, ones able to be here.
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that is why i'm here. we have calder gillam, he can answer technical questions. i h be brief in the interest of time. we have a lot of information but not all * is in this presentation. this map shows the various ownership of the area that is oscar park. and oscar park is basically the area underneath as i mentioned the new tgpa bus ramp and the existing fremont full some street off ramp from interstate 80. howard fulsom west of first. most is covered * by ramps, as you can see. this maps shows there are a lot of layers of ownership. some of the property, bus ramp obviously is owned by the tgpa. some will be owned by the city. transfered from caltrans. some is a caltrans right of way. we are in conversations with all those entities,
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including caltrans, to work out the various use agreements and lease agreements and transfer agreements that will need to happen in order to make this park a reality. what we are talking about is the actually design concept we have come up with. what you see are two images, one with the ramps and one with ramps removed so you can see what the improvements look like. we have had two public workshops. cmg has done a great job of weaving in the public comments to the concept designs. what we have ended up with is a mix of active uses. we've got play areas. you can see there's a children's playground in there. we've got retail opportunities, including a beer garden similar to hay's green and flexible
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use and access to bike and pedestrian circulation through and along the edges of this park area. soly go through the various sections of the concept plans briefly again. at the end if i do have -- if there is some examples of these type of improvements done other places in california underneath freeway ramps as well as other places in the world. this is not a new idea to improve ramps. we have done it in mission bay and also done around california. we have lots of precedence of the types of programs successfully implemented under freeways. so this is a shot of sort of the main part of the park between fullsome and howard. it is under the tgpa ramps. extending to the right is where the freeway ramps go.
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there's a plaza up on howard street, including some space for seating. there's a bike path along the left hand section of the park, including an opportunity to put some bike retail and activity type areas. one of the things proposed and that the public was excited about was sort of bike repair stations. these are places where you have fixed equipment that's tied with chains, ropes and people can ride their bike in, use a little allen key other type and speed on. it is available to the public. we will talk more about that. as we get further south, howard at the top, the next is tahama. you get into a couple of different spaces. right along the north side
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of clementina is the biergarten. mr*us we put it there for visibility to draw people into the park. you see a blank white area, that is a private area built in conduction with residential called 41tahama. we are working with the develop tore make sure that is integrated with the park. we met with him and they are doing a great job to integrate that inour park. though it is private. i will be totally open and connected to the rest of the park. if you go to the right of the biergarten * we have a storm water retention with grass areas and features. we have closup images of all this. south of that on the edge of clementina street we have a children's area, seating areas, exercise route, kind of like a jogging course running along the length of clementina. north of fullsome we have a couple more passive, a
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grass area, that is the sunniest part. we can put real grass there as well as a more flexible area right just directly south of the biergarten that will have active uses, maybe a climbing wall, something like that, open space for events. you can show movies against walls of buildings, things like that. also ai -- adjacent to that space there are additional retail opportunities. we are working with the team to design that and see what could go there. potentially cafes but thinking more activity type uses like an art center, maybe an office for the community benefit district that is going to be in the neighborhood. things like that that will help be a sinner gis tick use. >> * >> where will that be? >> why don't we get to a closup and i will show you
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but basically north of folsom street. * we have incorporated a basketball court, sports courts on the right there is a hillside, which isn't usable for active recreational uses but at the very northern part of the right side of this diagram there is a flat space we are going to develop, we proposed as a dog park. as well as some children's activities. a slide to go along with that. >> is the dog park, is that part of the rincon hill isd? >> no, that is part of the redevelopment area. >> okay. >> will it be part of the community benefit district, which will include rincon hill, which will help pay the maintenance. >> i know the isd is paying for a dog park around lansing street. will they be coordinated? >> i don't think that is coordinated, the one on guy
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park. i think that is not determined yet what it will be. there is a dog park much further south on the other side of the bridge there is a dog park. >> okay. >> that is pretty far away from this dog park. >> bryant. >> this is at least a mile or so from that other dog park. one thing we have learned is there no limit to demand for dog facilities. there isn't a place to talk your dog. >> that has been completed on beale and bryant. there is another part of the rincon hill area. it would be great to coordinate. the there is no shortage of demand for dog parks. >> there is a small park proposed on guy street. we are familiar with that. i didn't know it would be a dog park. i knew it would be a park. i haven't seen concept plans. it is small and would
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eliminate the need for this. we have renderings to show you different sections of the park. this is the very northern part, so you are above howard street. as you can see, the ramps to -- bus ramps to transit center have been removed so you can see what is under it. most would be shaded. on the right you can see the bike path. just next to that you can see the bike repair area that we are proposing. to the left you can see a seating area, some grass. one of the exciting things that this whole redevelopment program creates is as these retail spaces get filled with new tenants there will be an opportunity for them to open up underneath. we are creating that on both sides that at some future date a new retail tenant could move into those buildings on either side of the park and could actually have outdoor seating or an entrance
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connecting to oscar park. moving further down, this is above the -- again, above the tgpa bus ramp looking to the east toward first street. basically above the biergarten *. this is the ramps and this is without. you can see the proposed biergarten. if you haven't been to the hayes street area it serves food and drinks and welcomes children. great. a use for this area is we are creating in transbay created in rincon hill. you can see the plaza developed on the left and there is a concept plan for that building that's already been designed. we are working with them on the plaza. if you look further up on
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the picture past the biergarten you can see the children's play area. this doesn't show the latest thinking for the clemtina. you can see that in the middle right. this is an existing street where we are proposing to do this oscar park. we are working on ways to create some speed tables there, some level area where cars would be raised up to sidewalk level to create kind of a seamless transition between the two parks. obviously when you do that you have to have a lot of treatment. those yellow domes and things like that to make it safe. we think it is porn to signal to cars to slow down. this is an area where there will be people. the biergarten to the left, children's playground not too far away. we have a more recent design with the speed table
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and traffic calming measures to calm down traffic on that. like i say it is existing. to the right you see -- i think we have a better image of this. that is the children's playground so we will get to that in a minute but to the right of the picture you can see the proposal for sort of a climbing structure. then to the right that is off the screen is the open flexible event space, which i will get to in a minute. this is the children's play structure. we are having a slide in there for this concept but really could be anything. there's a lot of slides in these. we are trying to use the topography and take advantage with a lot of slights and changes. there's a lot of elevation changes. folsom street is higher and goes down as you go north. here is just another image with 41 tahama on the left and a cross section down to
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clementina. another shot of the children's park and storm water treatment on the left. there will be paths crossing that. we are trying to have a mix of both storm water treatment facilities as well as active use areas with harder surfaces. past that there would be seating for parents. this is sort of looking from just outside of the biergarten. another shot of the rain garden. this is a shot looking from tahama across the plaza down toward the biergarten. here is another shot from looking south down toward essex with the ramps and without the ramps. here you can see again that climbing structure, the yellow structure there, as well as a flexible space just to the right of


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